How Would You Like To Never Pay For Your Individual Tax Return Again?

That's right... ETS is offering your free tax returns every year with membership in our exclusive Tax Fans YouTube Club membership. Read the details below.

Of course not everything in life is free but for a short time we are offering to do your taxes each and every year if you agree to subscribe to our YouTube Channel "Tax Fans," and pay a nominal fee of $50 per year as a club member. CLICK HERE TO JOIN NOW

So that's all there is to it. Subscribe to our channel, pay 50 bucks and you are good to go. Maintain both subscriptions and we will complete your tax return online for you each and every year for the rest of your life.

OK, so what's in the fine print?

This offer will cover your basic tax return as required in the normal Form 1040. If you have a small business and need a Schedule C, we will adjust that portion at market value. You will still save between $150 and $250 either way, each and every year.

Aren't you just selling me a tax return for $50 then?

No. Your are paying for an exclusive Tax Fans Club Membership program. We have to make a little money to offer you this service. Included with your membership are the following items with more to come in the future:

  1. Free Individual Tax Return

  2. Free Weekly Tax Tips for you and your family

  3. Free Monthly Individual Tax Newsletter

  4. Free Monthly Business Tax Newsletter

  5. Free Monthly Tax Planning Newsletter

  6. Quarterly Tax Updates Sent to Your Home for Both Business and Individual Taxes

  7. Exclusive Client Priority in our Q&A sessions during our Daily Tax Fans Talk Talk Live Stream

  8. Up-to-date Videos


So why should any of this matter to me?

Ok, let's take each benefit one at a time.

  1. No one is doing tax returns for free except the government and the large national firms who the IRS has begrudgedly contracted (I think I just made up a word). Tax professionals are a dime a dozen but their fees generally seem ambiguous. They are not... each Tax Professional I know works very hard, but it is difficult to nail down a price for clients without figuring out all the nuances involved with each tax return. THEY ARE ALL DIFFERENT, simply because all people are different. Our premier business is in IRS Tax Problem Resolution... but having worked for the largest national tax software firms in the country we know their guarantees are hollow when it comes to helping folks get their taxes right. Basically your benefit is not having to spend a Saturday afternoon punching in numbers that you may or may not understand into a difficult piece of software with the hopes that you get it all right or that the assurances of some well-meaning helpdesk attendant of your national tax software company are correct.


  1. Taxes are complicated, but they don't have to be. With our weekly taxes tips you will get exclusive information that we get directly from the IRS. The newsletters are simple to read and even easier to understand. Look it, we know there is no such thing as a TAX FAN, but our hope is to keep you from being intimidated by the most powerful collection agency on the planet with their ridiculous laws and perpetual changes.

3-5. These exclusive newsletters are just going to make your life a little easier without bogging you down. They are well written and professionally prepared with you in mind. Our goal is to help you find ways to save on taxes each and every year as an individual. With Tax Planning you will learn how to make sure what you do this year will save you on taxes owed next year and possibly into the future. The Business Newsletter is fantastic if you currently have or are planning to start a business.

6. The Quarterly Reports are course correction notifications coming directly from the IRS. You will never miss a tax beat with these letters which will be mailed directly to your home or business - you decide which.


7-8. We started a Live Stream Tax Fans - Tax Talks program which is a daily show dedicated to informing the public about all government tax actions including that of stimulus package checks and IRS tax updates on COVI-19. Each stream begins with the latest IRS and federal government updates as they come to us hot off the presses. Next we address - in order - a personal tax issue, a business tax issue; we show one of our latest three-minute videos, give exclusive insight to tax resolution issues for either personal or business concerns and then we end with Questions and Answers sent to us via chat.

As an Tax Fans Club Member...your questions are answered first and we will send you documentation of our answers and all related research that we find on the subject. And of course we have videos. As a Club Member you will see our videos first via a special YouTube link exclusive to you and other members. Basically you get to help us release the best video products to the public by critiquing our work with an honest evaluation. More importantly you get the information first.


OK, so what our my obligations?

We ask that you do two things:

1. Sign up for the Exclusive Annual Tax Fans Club Membership for $50/Year

2. Subscribe to our Tax Fans channel. If we get enough members then YouTube will make up the losses we get from giving away our tax filing services.

For any questions you can leave a message with us @ 1-800-285-4173 and we will get right back to you. Or you can schedule a phone or video appointment right here on our website.

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Thanks for your time.