From Fighting for Our Country to Defending Customers from the IRS...

Executive Tax Solution Founder/CEO Has Come A Long Way From Jumping Out Of Airplanes!

Early Beginnings

“I started out as a newspaper reporter and publisher in South Texas after graduating from UTEP in El Paso,” said Allen Lenth EA, MBA, founder of Allen Lenth Financials, Inc. and Executive Tax Solution.

“Then Operation Desert Storm started, and my country called. Both my uncle and father are Vietnam-era veterans, and when it came to choosing between a career emulating Ernest Hemingway or GI Joe, I followed the gunpowder.”

Allen served in the 1990s as an infantryman, trained as a Special Operations Communicator, and finished his career as a Psychological Warfare Operations Specialist.

“I used to dream in Morse Code while training and read traffic signs in code while driving. It was crazy,” he said.

After serving in the 1990s, Allen got out just in time to catch the tail end of the dot-com boom and bust and opened his own small business consulting company.

“My wife Felicia and I created and operated SentryTEK, Inc. in Houston with a staff of nearly 20 engineers, trainers and consultants. We helped tiny ‘ma and pa’ shops and big oil companies and manufacturing firms like Exxon-Mobile, and Lyon-dale Petrochemical as our clients,” he said.

“Our job was simple; we would go in and conduct either IT or business operations surveys, show them their strengths and weaknesses, and then just ask them what they wanted to do about it. More often than not we would win a deal and help them develop and build a new technology platform or train them on basic bookkeeping, sales, marketing, operations and forecasting.

Why Taxes? Why Now?

"We opened up shop here in the Wylie, Sachse, Murphy area in 2018 with a passion to help start-ups and small businesses get on top of their bookkeeping,” Allen explains.

“What we found was a lot of folks just don’t get the tax game. And now that there are new laws and regulations, many are starting to panic; but trust me, small businesses have everything to gain with the new Section 179 Deductions.

“After filing a few late returns, in that first year, we learned that there is a real need for some tax expertise. We spent a good part of 2018 getting up to speed on tax law, and now I am an Enrolled Agent, federally licensed to practice before the IRS on behalf of my clients and anyone else who may be facing the daunting ‘IRS boogie man.’

“During tax season, we are prepared to handle it all.

For individuals we have helped folks with past-due tax returns and work with the IRS to eliminate all penalties... sometimes we given get rid of the tax debt itself.

For companies the biggest problem businesses of all sizes have is filing and paying their payroll taxes - both state and federal - on time. The rules for 940s and 941s are extremely confusing so we have helped a lot of companies catch up.

If they like our work, they sometimes retain us for bookkeeping and payroll.

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Allen Lenth EA-MBA, Paratrooper/Patriot